Friday, December 4, 2009

Paris hilton naked. Super pics.

Paris hilton naked. New pics from google.

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What information is JoJo's like Britney Spears? Whos better? Many people say she's like Britney, but I do not, the case 1. She is an incredible, incredible singer at such a young age 2. She doesn't show too much skin, unlike Britney whos nearly naked most of the time 3. She is a good girl, although shes all that has happened, and what shes going through now, especially in school aid (nasty, evil thugs!) Leave Jo alone, she deserves it because she has pure talent. 4. Remains strong, and remains true to itself. 5. It starts at night doesn't Jo Love yah! I will always be a true fan and loyal to U no matter what! Stay strong, you are an amazing girl Exceptional, DONT kill Paris Hilton! Love you Jo!
Click to watch full lenght s-e-x t-a-p-e...

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